What Is Osteoporosis You Do Not Know?

Osteoporosis You Do Not Know

Osteoporosis, is sometimes considered as a disease that only affects old ladies, this is not true, it may start to affect people at a very early age, have to do with about 20% of men in a very serious way.

What is osteoporosis?

It is often referred to as the thinning of the bones, the word translated by osteoporosis means "Porous bones" and it refers to the deterioration in the quality of the bone and the density, leading to weakness and weakness, with an increase in the risk of bone fracture.

what is osteoporosis arthritis

The most common sites for fracture occurs are the hip, wrist, pelvis, back and arms. Bone density is deteriorating in a very gradual pace, probably from the middle of the 1920s. The condition can go undetected until a fracture occurs.

What causes is usually due to the OS, lose more calcium that is drawing more money, like their bank deposit in your account.

As you age the deterioration worsens or increases, the outer shell of your bones weaken and the inner part develops larger holes, the condition is more difficult to fix it, the worse it got, there are available pharmaceutical drugs that can slow down the deterioration, and sometimes even a little reverse.

The State cannot be cured, but it can certainly be controlled, modern medicines is very effective for many people can be.

The more important thing you can do, is that a bone mineral density test so you always OK and have a good read for the levels of density, you might consider a proper diet, eat foods rich in Calcium and vitamin D and, last but not least, increase your exercise activity, these three things will help to maintain your bone strength and reduce your chances of another victim of osteoporosis.

Good health.

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