50th Anniversary of the First the Beatles Concert in the United States

Believe it or not, next year, February 11, 2014, which will be the 50th anniversary of the first Beatles concert in the United States, which took place at the Coliseum in Washington.

When the Beatles came to England, they were greeted by more than 3,000 screaming fans and hysterical at JFK Airport in New York.

Before the concert, the Beatles performed the American nation, appearing on popular television "The Ed Sullivan Show." After his performance on the show Ed Sullivan, the Beatles traveled to Washington DC to perform in front of thousands of teenagers mad at Washington Coliseum.

After the release of "I Wanna Hold Your Hand 'The Beatles released" She Loves You "in the United States, which had already been successful in the UK. The single was also directly to the # 1 position in American charts.

Washington Coliseum concert could not be compared with professional concert staged by other rock bands in the years immediately preceding the first concert outside the American Beatles. Imagine the effect of this continuous movement on the stage was in poor Ringo Starr, the Beatles drummer, who had to move his drum kit several times during the performance.

The sound system and poor position change in the scenario seemed to disappoint the girls in the audience too. They never leave with shouts they did throughout the defined Beatles.

The music played by the Beatles at the Washington Coliseum concert were:

Roll Over Beethoven;
From me to you;
I Saw Her Standing There;
This Boy;
All my Love;
I wanna be your man;
Please Please Me;
Until your arrival;
She loves You;
I want to hold hands;
Twist and Shout;
Sally Long Grand.

After the concert, the Beatles entourage and returned to New York, where they performed at the famous Carnegie Hall.

After the success of his first visit to the States, the Beatles quickly returned to the United States later in 1964, where they visited and most widely played in bigger - and better organized - local.

The arrival of the Beatles on the stage of American music, causing "Beatlemania" announced what became known as the British Invasion bands like the US Rolling Stones, The Who and The Kinks following after the Beatles and also enjoy rides success and record sales across the pond.

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