6 Reasons Celebrities Flock to Private Vacation Homes

There was a time when celebrities went on vacation, they check into the largest hotel in town trendiest. But these days, the rich and famous are unaware of the large hotels, public in favor of a more unique holiday option, more private. Brad and Angelina, Madonna, President Barack Obama, movies, music and TV stars are spending their vacation time away from the crowds and cameras, and hide in luxury, private villas. Read on for the 6 main reasons!

1. Privacy

A stay is not much of a vacation when you are surrounded by adoring fans screaming his autograph or dodge paparazzi around every corner. That's why you do not see big stars of film and television to spend your vacation time in hotels. Instead, famous faces know that to really get away from it all, is the key of the record for a private holiday home. Unlike hotels that cater to the public, a vacation home offers its customers a real escape from the outside world, with a total level of privacy of a hotel simply can not match.

2. The space for your items

The rich and famous do not often travel light. They may be leaving town to get away from everything, but at the same time, they need to make sure you are ready for anything - a lunch with the director of big names who happens to be in town for a formal dinner party on a yacht. That's why the stars tend to do more than what they need, just in case. That is why they are ignoring the major hotels and settlement for the summer holidays - they have plenty of room for smoking, prom dress and diving equipment.

3. Room for Entourage

Just as they do not travel light, not as celebrities travel alone. It is the personal assistant, personal trainer, hair and makeup guy (or gal), as well as family, friends, acquaintances and hangers on ... in other words, more people than you can possibly accommodate even the largest suite of the hotel. And that is why the stars bring the whole entourage of spacious holiday houses - where everyone can spread and enjoy your time together.

4. Exclusivity

Celebrities like to stay at the cutting edge of trends - they do not follow the herd and do what others are doing.
5. Peace and tranquility

Let's face it - people are noisy. And people who have lots of money to spend on fancy hotel rooms are no exception. Their children are fighting and dive into the pool. They have parties at all hours of the night. They argue, they laugh, they basically live their lives. No wonder so many celebrities ignore noisy hotels altogether and opting to stay in a peaceful, private holiday homes. So if a wild party remains all night, at least it will be your wild party!

The desire for a late night swim after the pool was closed? Want to spend the day in your bathrobe without dressing? You do not want to leave the privacy of your room if you stay in a hotel, but a holiday home gives you the freedom to enjoy your holiday as you wish. And if that means eating a grilled cheese sandwich at the pool at 2:30 am, go for it!

6. luxury

It being understood celebrities in their day to day demands the best. And they are the best in luxury, comfortable vacation home. rooms where they can receive dinner friends. spacious living rooms, where they can spread out and enjoy all the comforts of home. Their own private pools and Jacuzzis. This probably explains why, when it comes to travel, holiday homes are on the list of celebrity trends.

So now you see why the rich and famous are renting houses in this trend of rapid growth Travel.

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