Air Canada Adds Another Option to Booking New Delhi to Toronto Flights

Air Canada is the national airline and the largest provider in Canada. This company operates in more than 178 destinations worldwide, operating more than 1,500 flights a day. Recently added another option in the reserve list - Flights New Delhi Toronto. The Indian population in Canada is significant, and this newly introduced service will meet this segment brochures. Vice President (Global Sales) Air Canada at the launch, said it is in line with the company's growth strategy to become a world power. Given all these factors, the flight can assist with heavy traffic. If you are also looking forward to travel between these nations holiday leisure or business purpose, this information can be very useful.

Flight details

Most New Delhi to Toronto flights include a stop or two who added three to six hours of total travel time. It is beneficial for business travelers, who can not afford to invest long hours of travel. The inaugural service was scheduled for November 2, 2015, and he played the reasons for the Indira Gandhi International Airport at 22:35. According to a report, which will be operated four times a week; Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Sunday. To make your experience smoother, the carrier has deployed the latest Boeing 787 Dremaliner this path.


This, Twin and large midsize fuselage is one of the most efficient models available in the long term. Made by the manufacturer Boeing based in America, this unit saves about 20 percent of the carrier's fuel flow rates, which are reflected in airline ticket booking price too. Additionally, noise suppression is 60 percent more, because of the serrated edges of the engine nacelles. The raked wing tip of this model even improves overall efficiency.

Regarding the customer experience is considered, the windows are about 30 percent larger than similar aircraft presented. This allows you to enjoy the best aerial views of the masses or bodies of water. It was designed as high humidity and pressurization less felt in the cabin. You can also enjoy video and audio on demand services while traveling in this ultra-modern aircraft.

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