As The First Herpes Outbreak Is More Harmful Than The Rest

It is a known fact that most victims of herpes show no symptoms of herpes. The first outbreak of herpes can also be associated with general symptoms of the disease beyond the common herpes. Women, in particular, suffer more target the herpes virus, which is usually develop no symptoms.

For a long time it was herpes simplex virus type 2 or also called HSV-2 causes genital herpes disease mainly. However, modern times have been introduced to a new infection of genital herpes, which is also caused by the type of virus herpes simplex type 2 and type of herpes simplex virus 1. Most victims of herpes that have a primary focus will fazĂȘ- around a three-day time period to two weeks after exposure.

So what exactly happens in the first outbreak of herpes? The herpes outbreak is a cluster of some blistering on some red base. In humid areas of the body such as the vagina, the herpes virus can cause ulcers instead of some bubbles. For victims of herpes woman, the first outbreak of genital herpes may occur in the thighs of the victim, buttocks, anus, urethra, vagina, cervix or vulva. On the other hand, the male victims have your first outbreak of herpes on the tip of your penis or your axles and it would be a rare case, if a male has an outbreak around your core private parties. These men who have sex with men may also have blisters in or around the anus. The skin rash is mild male most often --- with only about 6-10 bubbles. These bubbles in men and women are usually very painful and usually contain a large number of viral particles. Common symptoms of herpes generally include some lymph nodes swelling, muscle pain, fatigue, fever up to one hundred two degrees, and headaches.

Women have more severe disease and more complications at the time of infection compared to men. Once a particular woman contracts a particular herpes in your vagina or cervix or some internal parts, the victim, a woman may develop terrible vaginal discharge, some feel burning when urinating or pelvic pain. In addition, with this first herpes outbreak, a number of women victims receive a second series of bubbles or ulcers in the second week of infection.

Bubbles common infection would be dry and form scabs. There may be no evidence available that provides others have low levels of this herpes virus, even if they have no obvious symptoms.

Once you feel something terrible happens to your body, which means the herpes virus, you'd better go for a test of the anonymous herpes. Remember, questions about STDs or sexually transmitted diseases should not be ignored.

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