Based on the Internet Cognitive Behavioral Therapy may Benefit the Patient's Pain

In study after study, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) has shown remarkable efficacy in helping patients improve their lives with a variety of physical and mental health conditions. Their use by patients with chronic pain can lead to handicap reduction, less depression and anxiety, improves quality of life and even a decrease in pain.

Cognitive behavioral therapy can be as effective for people suffering from chronic pain, as it focuses on the intersection of thought and action. By participating in CBT sessions and homework, people learn to identify patterns of automatic thoughts that may lead to unproductive behaviors. For example, people suffering from chronic pain are often afraid to move because they believe it can worsen your pain so that they become more sedentary, and then pain, and general health deterioration in the after.

Additional gains can be physical behavior more pro-active, such as exercise.

Some health insurance plans may cover the cost, all or part of cognitive behavioral therapy if your doctor sends you. Although a short-term treatment, pay out of pocket can be expensive. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Based on Internet

A meta-analysis, which compiled the results of several studies on Internet-based CBT for patients with a variety of physical health problems, which is promising to improve physical and mental health. Improvements in physical condition was generally more pronounced than in the psychological conditions with the best results from depression to periods of more than six weeks.

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