Board Games that Come with Timers Sand

Many board games require an element of timed laps. This has been an element of board games for a while, but over time, these games have used different means to produce this effect. In the electronic age today, most games come with some kind of timer battery life, which operate much like an hourglass. You turn a knob and ticks the time to meet the deadline, where it will beep or ring, alerting players that the time is over. However, in the past, these electronic meters are not as common and most board games provided a sand clock synchronization purposes.

These sand timers were shaped miniature hourglasses and contained enough sand to count down anywhere from thirty seconds to three or five minutes. It all depends on how long the game would give players to complete the task. These meters generally operate with all players to prepare for the task, then a player turn the timer to start the round. The responsibility of watching the timer often fell on one of the players or the whole group, because when the sand was finished, it was the responsibility of the player to announce to the group that time was up and the cycle was completed.

A player who usually turn the timer as another player has uncovered a list of words or play space that players must therefore consult to play the game. Then, as the timer would slowly run out, players will check periodically timer.

Other games that used sand timers, however, were often team games and the team was not trying to score points at the time was usually placed in the order of timer. A player would handle the sand timer, watching carefully to ensure that not one more second was awarded to the other team, and another player could follow the team itself carefully, ensuring that no error occurred inadvertently.

Sand timers had both great benefits and drawbacks. A warning of ever higher electronic timer that the time is up, even if most of these timers would make ticking noise during the countdown, which could very distracting. While sand timers almost disappeared board games in these modern times, they are always a bit nostalgic fans of board games.

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