CARFAX vs Autocheck What should I Use?

For car buyers looking to check the history of a vehicle, there are two main sources: CARFAX and Autocheck. To find out which source is more accurate, we requested reports for 13 vehicles and compared the report data on various factors such as the total odometer.

Autocheck, which is slightly cheaper for a single report and significantly cheaper to various reports, in fact, came very close to reaching the level of detail found in the CARFAX reports. What font to use information and depends on buyer's needs.

For $ 44.99, CARFAX reports provide five while Autocheck provide unlimited reports for a period of 30 days. In one report, both CARFAX and Autocheck charge $ 34.99 and $ 29.99, respectively. If you buy an older vehicle, mileage fraud can be a serious problem. When checking the last odometer reading for the cars of our study, we found that 7 cars had readings within 500 miles of each other, a car had a higher reading in Autocheck and 5 cars had higher values ​​in CARFAX - 2 of them over 100,000 miles higher. In addition, CARFAX reports had more total odometer readings in 9 of 13 comparisons.

For the history of the property, the highest in a CARFAX report and Autocheck rank higher in the two reports; 10 Other reports have shown the same number of owners. More significantly, while the two had reported an accident with a Ford Explorer, right CARFAX reported image damage - a major concern when purchasing a vehicle.

Although less important that issues such as accidents or odometer, the type of previous owner is an important issue when buying a car. the car was used as a vehicle fleet? A personal lease or business? Unlike 1 Autocheck report has revealed that a vehicle had been a lease, all the reports are the same types previous owner.

Other findings:

- CARFAX reported reminders for 2 cars, while Autocheck None reported

- CARFAX reported the deployment of an airbag, while not Autocheck

- Both sources reported a salvage title for Scion

Based on our study, if the vehicle is older and / or more likely to have problems, CARFAX should be used because it will probably provide a more detailed history. If you are less concerned with issues such as fraud and accidents odometer, or if you need a large number of reports, Autocheck is a more economical option.

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