Chocolate Chip Cookies Cooked Like the Legendary Toll House Inn

Although we tend to think of them as one of our oldest recipes and long-loved chocolate chip really only been with us since 1937. As American as apple pie, chocolate cookies history begins with what may have been a failed experiment or an accident in Whitman, Massachusetts. Fortunately for us, this event has created one of the most popular chocolate cookie recipes ever.

It all started when a toll house was built on the old road between Boston and coach Bedford, Massachusetts. Built in 1709, this was the place where those who used the toll road pay their tribute, changed horses, and were provided with home-cooked healthy meals. Over the years, the Toll House has developed a reputation for offering the comfort of a night for weary travellers.

When Ken and Ruth Wakefield's Toll House Inn established in 1930, they pledged to maintain the tradition, and only served the food they cooked - delicious meals cooked at home. All recipes for cookies, chocolate cookies are one of the most beloved. How they came to be it is still disputed, but one thing we know for sure - chocolate chip cookies history has its beginnings in the Toll House Inn.

The Chocolate Chip Cookies controversial History

Chocolate Chip Cookies

The rendered version popular Nestlé - the Swiss chocolate company - tells us that Mrs Wakefield was chocolate biscuits when she ran out of chocolate of your regular baker. Not ready to call it stung to Nestle semi-sweet chocolate bar and threw the pieces into the batter - thinking it would blend in. Of course, they did not and the famous Toll House cookie was born.

However, the story told by a former employee of Toll House Inn shows that the chocolate chip cookie was an accident. With chocolate chips on your cookie dough, Mrs Wakefield believed her batch of cookies to be ruined. Fortunately, his employee frugal persuaded to cook the batch.

Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipes Became US base

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Whichever story is true, the Toll House Inn is probably the birthplace of the favourite recipes. chocolate cookies were born in this cosy inn and quickly became a popular treat.

During World War II, soldiers from Massachusetts have received Toll House cookies back home and share with their comrades from other parts of America. Soon, hundreds of letters began a craze across the country to Toll House cookie recipes, chocolate cookie and semisweet chocolate Nestle that made it possible.

How to make cookies with chocolate chips The Toll House way?

chocolate chips

Even today, among the most popular recipes for cookies, chocolate cookies are still high, and Half Baked cookies in American homes are chocolate chip. Recipes for the famous Toll House cookies vary, but my favourite is a true representation of the original. Measure 3/4 cup each of brown and white sugar. In a small bowl, beat 2 eggs. Measure 1 teaspoon baking soda, 2 1/2 cups flour, a teaspoon of salt, a cup of chopped walnuts (my special addition to this tasty recipe), 12 ounces of chocolate and a teaspoon of vanilla.

While you can simply grease the foil with a little extra butter, it is much easier to remove the baked cookies if you establish a layer of paper greaseproof for cooking. Note that this is not only the greaseproof paper but parchment paper for baking - a special paper that is a healthy food and baking.

Slowly add sugar and cream the butter with good strong showers. Cream with good strong blows is like making cookies with chocolate chips that have that perfect texture we all love.

In a bowl, combine flour and salt. Add about half of the flour mixture to the wet ingredients and mix well.

Dissolve the baking soda in a hot teaspoon, and add to cookie dough, stirring well. Then add the remaining flour mixture and beat until well blended.

With a knife, chop the chocolate into pieces and - with nuts - into the dough.

Place the dough on the baking sheet - or parchment paper for baking - by large spoonfuls of stacking. Let them cool on a rack, and soon you can enjoy one of the cookie recipes loved the world, the cookies with chocolate chips to the Old Toll House Inn. You will bite a piece of the history of chocolate cookies.

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