Cognitive Behavioral Therapy can be useful to make Sense of the Enormous Problems

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a psychotherapy that is totally based on the cognitions, assumptions, beliefs and behaviors, and also aims to influence negative emotions that relate to an incorrect assessment of the facts. The general approach, developed from behavior modification.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is considered among the fastest in terms of results. The average number of sessions customer receives is only 16. How does it work:

Cognitive behavioral therapy can be useful to make sense of the enormous problems that are broken down into small pieces. The parties are usually a situation that can be a problem, event or difficult situation. This can follow the thoughts, emotions, physical sensations and actions.


Cognitive behavioral therapy is sometimes not suitable for all patients this particular problem. Those who do not have a specific problem behavior intended to address and the objectives for therapy are to better understand the past can be better served by psychodynamic therapy. Patients should also be prepared to play a very active role in the treatment process.

Cognitive behavioral intervention may be inappropriate for some severely psychotic patients and patients with cognitive impairment. Patients taking organic brain disease or traumatic brain injury depend on their level of functioning.


CBT differs from other therapies because the sessions are structured, rather than the person to speak freely about whatever comes to mind. The problem may have symptoms such as sleep disturbances, not being able to socialize with friends, or trouble focusing on reading and writing. Or they could be the problems of life, as being unhappy at work, have trouble dealing with a teenager, or being in an unhappy marriage.

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