Computer Controlled Extinguishing System PC Timer

One of the best things about a sleep timer connected to a computer system is the ease with which it can be configured and programmed. If you had a standard timer programming problem with a small screen and the button to select different configuration options, then you'll love the PC timer. This timer is configured and programmed with your home PC. For those who need more advanced features, you can control both a pump or a valve to each master station. This allows the use of a pump in a pond to irrigate these large areas and using a master valve for drinking water town for irrigation drip. There is the possibility of changing generic labels like "Station 1" to something meaningful, like 'Front Yard'.
Programs can also be saved to disk and given more meaningful names, such as 'Summer' or 'Drip Landscape'. The rain switch input is available to allow rain as normally closed switches for use with this timer.

Once the timer is connected to the computer, there are a couple of different ways that you can access it from a remote location. If you use software that allows you to control your computer remotely, you can also control the software for the irrigation timer. If not, then it is an integrated web browser that comes with the timer that allows you to access the software using a web browser from a remote location.

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