Computer OS Watchdog Timers Start Automatically Blocked and PC Malfunction

Computers and programs that must run continuously will eventually malfunction and lock. When a computer program or malfunctions that could cause results or unintended damage. An OS watchdog timer provides a way to material of an automatic restart of the computer.

Some of the most common reasons a computer will not function properly: Gels equipment: Normally, you will see that when there is a power failure or if the computer overheating due to fan failure.
The operating system crashes: On a Windows machine This is the classic blue screen of death or BSOD. The application program stops or crashes: The operating system can detect something in your application program, under certain conditions, which causes it to be stopped.

OS hardware watchdog works by creating a countdown to run. It is then the responsibility of the application program or utility on the computer to get out and "tickle" the watchdog on a regular basis. Each time the watchdog is "tickle" it reloads the timer and countdown starts again. When the application program or a computer malfunction the "tickle" and stop the watchdog eventually causes the account down to zero and causes an automatic reboot of the computer.

There are unlimited areas of application that could benefit by having a watchdog installed on a computer. Some examples of these are: systems: medical monitoring systems that collect non-critical patient data continuously. Telecommunications Systems: IVR systems or voice mail, for example. Video surveillance: security loss prevention systems. remote or inhospitable areas: computers used for data collection systems such as remote weather stations and control of plant processes.

Watchdogs are available to interface with most buses or I / O ports on a computer. The watchdog is "tickle", simply by accessing an I / O port on the device or via communication software. Some monitoring counters are available with additional communication capabilities, such as the number of times a computer restarts which could be very useful to diagnose and identify computers that enclose too often. watchdogs of the operating system are also available with non-volatile memory options that allow a user to set the operating parameters of the unit. Many versions are available with additional relay, temperature monitoring, digital I / O, and even external digital inputs "please" the timer.

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