Correct the Map Marker for a List of Local Businesses on Google Maps

If you looked at your business address or business name in Google Maps, you can check the map marker is in the right place. There are errors in the time cards in time on the basis of quirks that can show their physical address on a card in the wrong place.

In addition to claiming your business on Google and other geo-ad websites, Google admits community edits to change the map marker to make it more accurate for everyone. If you find the map marker in the wrong location on the Google map, you can move it in the right place with the following steps.

. If the marker is in the wrong place in the info window, click "more" and then click "moves markers"

. You can now drag the marker to the correct location.
. Click Save.

. You must be signed in to Google with a Google account

. A marker can be moved if the list of local businesses has been checked and verified listings can only be edited by the account owner that the list of local businesses.

If all else fails, if you have problems with Google maps, click the "Report a problem" link and report the problem to Google.

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