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A highlight for many people on vacation in Thailand knows the culture of Thai cuisine. traditional rituals, hospitality and fresh, vibrant flavors ensure Thailand is the pleasure of a food lovers, with interesting offers on every street corner stands occupied the most luxurious restaurants.

Thailand is the largest exporter of rice, and is a base part of a Thai diet. Rice is in any case only a food source in the Thai culture, but is also associated with certain gods and traditions, different in some areas. Interest in the culture of Thai food has increased around the world and is now a popular kitchen to eat in the Western world, with dishes such as Thai green curry and fried rice and noodles that populate many menus. However, as many travelers to Thailand will be able to attest, the native Thai food will have a very different taste recipes adapted for Western palates, where the presence of pepper is often sleek and restaurants often divide their menus starters, main dishes and desserts, which is rare in Thailand.

Eating in Thailand is often a social problem that dinner is only considered bad luck. Generally, people order a dish each and share the meal with the group then. The typical experience of Thai dinner will include four different flavors, all eaten together, salty, spicy, sweet and sour.

A common ritual in Thailand is to remove shoes before entering a restaurant or at home, and sit cross-legged on the floor to enjoy a meal. The presentation is a key component of the Thai food culture and leaders often struggle to create delicate and intricate carvings of fruits and vegetables. Contrary to popular western belief, most of Thailand will not use chopsticks to eat (besides the noodles), but please only use spoons and forks often shoveled food into the spoon, rarely put in his mouth. Many Thai dishes are created using portions of food bite size so that the need for knives is exempt.

Snacking is a cultural norm, with street stalls offering a variety of rates, satay chicken and beef, for spring rolls and sticky rice rolled into small balls.

If a foreign person is dinner with a group is often seen them, so remember that if you are invited for a meal while traveling in Thailand.

If you have adventurous tastes and want to experience the culture of the real Thai food, why not look out for edible creatures like scorpions, beetles and a variety of insects, which are fried and many sold on the Thai market - perfect for a crunchy snack!

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