Diesel vs Gasoline

As a turbo diesel engine works

Diesel cars practically thrive in compressed air created by the pistons in a proportion much higher than that of gasoline engines. As diesel fuel is injected for combustion, ignites the fuel which comes into contact with compressed air. The temperature increase expands the cylinder, which causes the formation pressure that moves the piston .

Gasoline or diesel: What are the main differences?

The compressed air in the diesel car is so hot that when the fuel is injected, it burns quickly so there is no need for spark plugs for diesel cars. For this reason, the diesel can be called precisely "compression ignition engines" while gasoline vehicles have "internal combustion engines". There breakers or coils in the diesel and gasoline. Diesel no throttling plates. Power depends on controlled fuel injected. The electronic engine management is required on diesel, but some modern models have electronically controlled pumps.

The advantages of the diesel engine over its counterpart gasoline; In terms of performance, the latest versions of turbo diesel performance engines are electronically controlled. Diesel are not immune to cold and wet weather. In theory, turbo diesel is more efficient than gasoline vehicles. diesel cars are more environmentally friendly. Diesels can get more mileage than their gasoline counterparts; diesel is cheaper than gasoline on the market. Turbo charged diesel car is much easier. Diesel are great for short trips, because your contact is not affected by temperature. Diesel engines are designed to last longer. cold starts are leading cause of death gasoline car. Lubrication is easily damaged in gasoline vehicles.

The disadvantages of diesel gasoline engines; compression ratio of 22: 1 is good for engine braking, but this makes it difficult to start the engine. Diesel need glow plugs or electric heating so that the engine starts easily. A plug is required per cylinder and each plug consumes 15 amps - which consumes the battery. diesel cars earn only about 70 hp 1.9 liters of fuel over 100 hp on gasoline vehicles. Diesel engines are heavy. The steering is heavy, then you will need the power steering option. Some modern turbo diesel engines run quietly, but most are very noisy.

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