Discover the Delicious Thai Food, Cooking and Baking

Thai cuisine is a very popular cuisine, known around the world. Apparently influenced by Chinese and Indian food, Thai cuisine is a blend of the most delicious dishes and the best. Thais have some unique way to present your dishes with beautiful food arrangements. Thai food is great not only for its taste, but also with its attractive appearance.

Rice is the staple food of the Thais.
A typical Thai meal consists of a large plate of different food dishes with rice. Thai cuisine is a mixture of vegetables, fish and meat with many spices such as chilli, garlic, lemon grass, coconut milk, tamarind, ginger, basil, peanuts and many others. Thai food is often hot and spicy. One of the famous Thai dishes is Tom Yum Kung is a spicy soup with shrimp and Pad -Thai; a kind of fried noodles mixed with meat and vegetables.

Thai cuisine also has a variety of dishes and desserts snacks. Thai desserts are mostly made with sugar, eggs and coconut milk. The Kanom Buang, folded and filled dough grated coconut meat, added with egg yolk and green onions; a dessert dish known in Thailand.

Thailand is also filled with lots of tropical fruits. well known Thai fruits are durian, rambutant, mangosteen, mango, banana, papaya and more.

Most Thai dishes are salty flavors, sweet and a little spicy. Thais use a variety of spices for your kitchen, which made its famous cuisine. Thai cuisine is prepared in the world. cooking schools consider Thai cuisine as one of their main dishes. Thai food consists of large amounts of food and vegetables from the sea.

Thai cuisine is especially loved being Chinese because it tastes almost like Chinese food.

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