Eco Art and Issues of Environmental Art

Environmental art can be used to define an art that deals with ecological issues, as well as everything in the natural context. Environmental art is a movement that began in the late 60s, and was then associated with sculpture as the art of the earth or a specific art site. Now, this category art maintains many types of media and is not limited to the ground floor as a single medium. Also known as sustainable or green art, environmental art is now used to recognize and raise awareness to the challenges of contemporary art.

An artist named Robert Smithson created a piece called Spiral Jetty in 1969 which raised awareness of recycling at the moment because it does damage in the region.
Eco art is synonymous ecological environmental art consists in bringing awareness to the environment, using natural resources and the creation of works of art in natural environments. One of the art pieces eco largest and best known was created by a man named Joseph Beuys in 1982 called 7000 Oaks. This artist and many assistants planted 7,000 oak trees in Kassel. Other famous artists include eco Rosalie Gascoigne, Patrice Stellest and John Wolseley. An artist named Erwin Timmers uses nothing but a few of the least recycled and recovered materials, including glass windows to create his pieces.

What's new in the environmental art and the echo is the movement of renewable energy. Built mainly of public architecture and sculptures, the art form of the environment allows the function to continue to be authorized, but ecologically informed artists require that their work producing energy from a renewable source . This would include wind, hydro, tidal and solar energy.
Scaff works with wind turbines that are used in the art to the public. Its carbon Pia sculptures are still used as public art, and use solar energy to capture carbon and store it as a way to help the environment.

Eco art and the art of the environment is more widespread than ever, with the most recent ice caps melting problems are internationally renowned. With more artists embracing the environment as a means of expression and inspiration, the public will be better informed than ever.

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