Explore China with Cathay Pacific Flight Booking

The Hong Kong flag carrier Cathay Pacific is one of the leading service providers in the region. Its headquarters and main center is located at the Hong Kong International Airport. Dragonair is a wholly owned subsidiary, which serves 44 destinations in the Asia-Pacific region. Cathay Pacific was launched in 1946 and was the first carrier to operate nonstop transpolar flight in July 1998 compared to the North Pole. The list of Cathay Pacific flight booking options include over 190 destinations worldwide.

In association with its alliance members and other media that share codes, this company provides connection services to even less popular destinations. Thus, travelers can visit the Cathay Pacific offers when planning your trip and booking international tickets. With a fleet of approximately 121 aircraft, the airline serves a number of gateway cities in Europe and North America In addition, the carrier has created a well-developed Asian network. Making it even more effective, the carrier recently announced Hyderabad flight to Hong Kong.

Hyderabad to Hong Kong

The carrier also announced a promotional offer on this route that allows travelers to book this flight at a subsidized price. Under this offer, people should pay 23508 INR for this service if you book before 31 July 2015. Cathay Pacific Airlines already operates four flights a week and the rate of these flights occupancy was recorded about 80 percent. Travelers can opt for Cathay Pacific Airlines reservation for a comfortable travel and a guaranteed connection problems. The airline won the best airline in the world four times and was also awarded Airline of the Year 2014 by Skytrax. If reserves are not available with the carrier, travelers can find China Southern Airlines flight booking options.

China Southern Airlines

It is the largest service provider in Asia, based on passengers transported and fleet size. This company operates in more than 700 daily flights from its Guangzhou and Beijing connections centers. It serves more than 190 destinations worldwide with a fleet of over 400 aircraft. With the international market, which has a strong presence in the domestic market as well. China is one of the most dynamic markets in the world and the strongest growth in terms of international traffic is concerned.

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