Forgotten Genius Nikola Tesla

With all due respect to Thomas A. Edison, Nikola Tesla was an American inventor equal, if not superior. Edison is much appreciated. Tesla is almost forgotten.
Later, Edison swam and formed a brief partnership and Edison bought it out.
Tesla, from Serbia, also began as an innovative company. At the University of Prague, Tesla was challenged to solve the problem of distribution.

Tesla had a phenomenal memory. He memorized the complete works of Goethe and Voltaire. Strolling in a park, reciting poems about the sun, Tesla suddenly realized the DC solution.
An electric current that alternates from negative to positive could be sent on separate son. Tesla patented his idea. After graduation in 1882, Tesla worked for the Continental Edison Company in Paris. Edison held several patents on direct current improvements, he praised General Electric. Your installation of a complete lighting system current with a smaller New York City has been widely welcomed.

Tesla leave, opened his own lab and became a naturalized citizen in 1891. He sold his AC patents to George Westinghouse. A titanic battle ensued.
Edison tried to convince the public that the Edison General Electric low voltage system can be handled safely, while the high-voltage system Tesla-Westinghouse was dangerous.
Someone at camp Edison visited fairs of the state stray cats and dogs with little shocking DC - then kill the AC. The stage was that the alternating high voltage Tesla / Westinghouse was fatal in case of accidental contact.

First human electrocution
During this public relations war, the New York State ruined several horrible curtains. The director of the Prison Albany asked Westinghouse to install an AC generator with which to execute an ax murder named William Kemmler.
Westinghouse and Tesla were strongly opposed to the death penalty and refused.
By subterfuge, someone - Historian Theo Benson said he was Edison - got a Tesla generator for the first human running worldwide electricity.
Kemmler was literally cooked Current repeated shocks. For years after the accident people killed by electrical accidents were "Westinghoused."

System Win Tesla
Westinghouse and Tesla went ahead of Edison General Electric and winning a contract to light the Chicago Exposition in 1893, with 200,000 bulbs. Three years later, he installed the first hydroelectric alternating - current system in Niagara Falls to the city of Buffalo. Edison and General Electric then manufactured lamps and other devices compatible with alternating current.
With future royalties, Tesla could focus on the nature of power and its potential.
Tesla said it could replace the gearbox with a phone to transmit voice, music - and ultimately the images. After a trial, the Tesla rule was confirmed.
The Navy was slightly concerned by a small unmanned submarine that can be controlled by the waves of Tesla. The 'high-power oscillator "- Tesla invented to control ships at sea - it is the power source for our cathode-ray television picture tube.

Man-made lightning
The Department of the US War in 1893 asked Tesla to expand their wireless systems. Tesla's patents expired. His laboratory and New York newspapers had burned.

The manager of the municipal lighting Colorado Springs Tesla offered free electricity for your project. He moved to Colorado Springs and built an experimental radio station 10 miles outside of town.
He determined that the Earth is a giant magnet with the flow of energy between the positive and negative poles. Tesla has played the key again and went to measure the expected range. Amid deafening thunder, bolt leapt from the antenna and lengthened as the charges of the accumulated dirt.

Sparks crackled mouths. People in leather shoes, or barefoot, jumped out of the fire.
At 130 feet, collapsed screws. Tesla ran to the phone and called the Municipal Electric Plant Colorado Springs. You burned our generators."

Search free energy
Tesla returned to New York to build a radio transmitter capable of reaching Europe. A huge Tesla coil and the 85-foot transmission tower was built in Wardenclyffe, Long Island. It soon became clear that Morgan Tesla was more interested in the distribution of the free energy of commercial radio programs.

In the following years Tesla experimented with a "particle accelerator beams" that could destroy invasion plans. The newspapers dubbed a "death ray." Today, we call for cooking stoves micro- waves.

He invented a small "turbine" comprising Cd together on a shaft which rotates around any gas or liquid which contains energy - gas, hydrogen, propane, methane or - unburned fuel.
Unfortunately, the drive chain or melt the molecular action of energetic atoms. energy problems and pollution would be solved if we could invent a suitable rigid material.

Tesla postulated that sunlight can be converted directly into carbon electricity (solar) energy could be extracted (pumps), hundreds of messages can be transmitted simultaneously on a (glass fiber cable) to circuit homing aircraft may be powered by electricity (NASA powered by solar cells that circulate indefinitely at high altitude).

During World War II, he proposed bounce radio waves on enemy aircraft to learn from his approach. It detects radio waves from space and thought they might be extraterrestrial signals. Free energy to speak, death rays, and space aliens have led people to regard him as a "mad scientist".

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