Free Electricity Dream Tesla

Imagine how it would be to use electricity at all times and not have to spend thousands of dollars for it. If you are skeptical about the idea of ​​getting free energy, Tesla himself may have something to say about it, if she is still alive, he is.

So who is this guy Tesla, anyway?
For starters, his full name is Nikola Tesla. As a scientist, he made many great contributions to electrical science. He is responsible for alternating current system that we still use today. Tesla is also the one who first understood how wireless power transmission. As a genius, no one can touch him, not even this false Thomas Edison. Nikola Tesla at the time of his death in 1943, had over 700 patents to his name, and there are many scientists who have used methods and devices that are in these patents. Unfortunately, due to lack of funding and support, Nikola Tesla did not get the credit he deserved and died broke.

There are many reasons why Nikola Tesla did not receive much financial support. His downfall began when he said he can design a technology that could allow human beings to harness the sun's energy in the form of "cosmic energy". Here is how you generate free electricity, Tesla summoned. For them it is all about money; forget the fact that the free and unlimited energy can help improve living conditions and open a new world of possibilities for human development. To make matters worse, the government seized Nikola documents, papers and projects to put a lid on his revolutionary discoveries and ideas. For 90 years, the government has kept these hidden files, even fanatics and dissidents have found ways to release leaks to the public reading.

Once leaks have been distributed, the scientists used files Tesla to finish what Nikola Tesla began. They stayed hidden as they experimented and created inspired Tesla devices.

As for the free electricity, Tesla generators have hit the market. The distribution of these devices is possible with Tesla secret. Its popularity can be attributed to its cheap price (costs less than $ 100) and easy installation. More importantly, people who have used it can produce unlimited electricity for home use without paying a single cent for electric utilities.

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