Genius Scientist Nicolas Tesla Was Ahead Of His Time

Nicolas Tesla began life in a small town in Croatia. Arriving in the US in 1884, Nikola Tesla actually began his education in the work register its name in the book of fame and maybe some infamy.

Shortly after arriving in New York, Nicolas Tesla began working for Thomas Edison. Edison was fully committed to the DC power or DC applications during the initial period when Nicolas Tesla arrived and began working with him. Edison vast fortune was spent and invested in a continuous stream, however, Tesla, who immigrated from Europe, it was more advanced in his work with AC or alternating current.

AC had been invested in Europe and major US and international companies Westinghouse Company and Ganz were interested in the work of Nikola Tesla. It was this work that laid the foundation for a secret Tesla, which began an aversion to your employer Tesla, Thomas Edison. Nikola Tesla worked well with the sector, due to its experience in the production of electricity throughout Germany and Hungary, and Portugal, had proved that AC was much higher than the direct current, and potentially greater opportunities for expansion across the United States.

While Nicolas Tesla seems to work hard to Edison, helping to improve DC applications for which Edison was deeply involved. Edison did not share that conviction Nicolas Tesla AC was more practical for a broader range of applications, especially those that are outside the scope of lighting buildings and operation of small power equipment.

Also, Nicolas Tesla had built a close relationship with George Westinghouse, while in Europe and this relationship has become very profitable for both men. It was the combination of disagreements on energy and power methods that led to the division between Edison and Nicolas Tesla. Edison was adamant in his belief that a secret Tesla-related sector spread throughout the world was neither practical nor feasible.

Inevitably, Nicolas Tesla left Edison and began working fully with the founder of Westinghouse, "George Westinghouse. This partnership has produced an impressive amount of power and recognition and began to increase the power of the new Tesla secret. was largely based on AC and the work of Tesla were expanding the fortunes of both Nicolas Tesla and George Westinghouse.

During the World Expo held in 1893 in Chicago, Westinghouse built a multiphase generation and distribution impressive, which was fully installed by Westinghouse, based in emerging Tesla secret. Of course, Nicolas Tesla name showed the plates welded to the machine, and the patents were granted.

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