Get HDTV devices with Time Warner Cable

If you are interested in getting HD equipment in your home. For HD Time Warner Cable you need 2 things!


HDTV cable box

You will need a HD TV capable because HD programs can not be viewed on a standard TV. Many HD monitors are available in stores like Nebraska Furniture Mart, Wal Mart, K ​​Mart, etc. You can choose from the tops of ultra fine line plasma screens large front or rear projection TV, or smaller more affordable units that offer even greater range of HD picture quality and sound.

Most HDTVs image are available in a large size of the screen image. The large screen Alias ​​Widescreen 16: 9 Widescreen 16: 9 is the same great rate on a movie screen, giving the programs a HD cinematic feel TRUE!

Because all programs are not offered in HD, HDTV can also display regular programs better known almost square standard format as a standard 4: 3 This means you can go back and forward widescreen and standard screen on the same game!

Time Warner will update your current speed digital HD decoder and easily. Simply call customer service to configure the installation. With HD Time Warner that you will need to purchase expensive equipment, bulky, rooftop as you do with the satellite. With Time Warner HD tuner already built in !!! HDTV offers incredible Dolby Digital Sound! The sound ULTIMATE IN AND QUALITY! We do not need to watch HD programs.

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