Google Earth Destroyed the Aerial Photography Business?

Google Earth is a great asset, and yet one of the most controversial things online. Mainly due to the fact that people like their privacy and do not like aerial photos of their property; they find intrusive. So, too, do many world governments, some of which are trying to hide things, other people who are trying to keep more safe assets, and others that are definitely rogue nations with something to hide.

Traffickers despise Google-Earth right time and do not want their luxury properties photographed, and very rich, but very honest people leave enough alone and do not want to involve Surf Internet version of the paparazzi. In fact, everyone, including the innocent and not so innocent at least some concern about Google Earth.

Most agree that, anyway, is a good tool to have and maintain large enterprises, governments, and other honest about environmental concerns and they do well. Most people believe in transparency, and nothing could be more transparent as an aerial photograph. We used strategically when searching for customers and planning our marketing plans within a city or destination. A full size aerial map could cost $ 100s of dollars, and we spent 10s of thousands of dollars on them every quarter.

Property developers, land speculators, civil engineers, businesses and government entities were also very large consumers antenna cards. Aerial photography companies have more than half of their money this way, at the same time, take special pictures flying over the houses, buildings and areas with a particular consumer.

From size 50% or more of their income was photography aerial map most of them went bankrupt today. Often it was a couple of people and an owner of the aircraft, and a pretty small company.

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