Google Earth to Find the Piano of the Song

Finding the key to the treasure and access musical potential, imagine a globe of the earth, or download the Google Earth program on your computer. Find the northern hemisphere, the southern hemisphere, and Ecuador. Now visualize the great piano team. There is a top team for the high notes, background team for the poorer classes, and between the two poles is a space where you will find a small note with a line through it - Middle C. you can find the North Pole Piano Earth? It is the highest note on the piano keyboard. The South Pole is the lowest note on the piano. There are 8 Cs in a large size 88 piano keys, but only one is middle C. As his hometown is a position on the globe, each line or space in the General Staff is a specific key on the piano. So you see, the Grand team is actually a map of the piano keyboard.

To find a great source of treasure keyboard, start up the keyboard while playing notes. Without this connection many students who can read the notes may not always reasonably well find them on the piano. That's why reading notes or books notespellers may be ineffective. This simple habit down-to-earth to keep your eyes on the music, makes learning scales, chords, music store, music theory and reading notes much easier. A keyboard in the imagination is a powerful tool. piano students have a world of music to Discover - Google it, keeping his eyes on the music!

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