Google Maps can help! Fun Tips to Continue Through Life Totally Lost!

Thank you to satellite technology and Google Maps, you can explore the world from the comfort of your kitchen table.

A Google map gives you both views and photos street level satellite. Route planning a vacation or find a bargain, they provide everything.

While most people are familiar with the basics of Google search plan, there are at least five interesting ways to use the site, you may not be familiar.

In the upper right corner there is a great feature called "Google Maps Labs." The symbol is a small green cup next to "My Profile".

It is built on an escape hatch, if you have trouble loading maps or breaks an option while you use it. The URL of this emergency exit is located in the laboratory area.

1. Distance measurement tool: This is especially useful for finding exact distances. Click the green beaker icon and select Remote tool. Select Enable and then "Save changes."

To use the tool, click the icon of the rule in the lower left corner of the Google Maps page. Then click on your starting point. By clicking on different points, you can recreate an indirect route, or if you just want a general idea, choose fewer reference points.
2. Hiking and biking directions: In addition to roads, Google Maps will also provide you with instructions optimized for walking, cycling and public transport. Click Directions Get in the upper left corner. Select the mode you want to use the drop down menu and click Get Directions.

What is really easy when you have access to Google Maps. ? Search for your address and then when the marker appears on the map, right click and click "What is that" On the left side of the screen, click Find nearby Add search term. maybe pizza and click search.

You can also use Google Maps Labs for her. Click Enable and Save Changes. Next to the card search box field.

3. Obtaining SMS: There will be times when you do not have an Internet connection. Luckily for us geeks, where it is increasingly rare, but I digress! Google will send you a text message with the road.

Just send a message to Google (466453). You can use an address, city or zip code.

4. I do not want my view to show: An increasing number of people are growing comfortable with the issues of invasion of privacy. Google Maps showing the level of people's homes street photos, this is a real concern. Search your address and click on "Report a problem", which is located in the lower right corner of the map page. In the box, complete the information, including a description of the problem. Click "Report Problem". For example, you can report a wrong business address.

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