Hepatitis C A Big Problem

Hepatitis C is a disease that no symptoms of many people who come into contact with hepatitis C. While there are symptoms that indicate hepatitis C, many doctors may also be confused with other symptoms of the disease. Hepatitis C is a disease which can lead to liver disease and even liver damage.

There are a number of cases where people who have had these symptoms of hepatitis were misdiagnosed because doctors could not understand what they really had an infection with hepatitis C. The main form of hepatitis C is transmitted by blood. Hepatitis A can also pass from mother to fetus, but these are rare cases of hepatitis C. Because hepatitis C is a silent disease, many people come to suffer serious liver damage. You can have hepatitis C, but because there are no symptoms of hepatitis or even knowing. Hepatitis has an incubation period of about 180 days and then configures hepatitis C. Hepatitis is showing no signs that he is there and starts to slowly damage the liver. Many people realize they have hepatitis C after having reached the stage of chronic hepatitis.

There is no vaccine that can help prevent infection by the hepatitis C So anything that can be done to prevent hepatitis C is to avoid all risk factors. If hepatitis C is reached, your body will try to fight it. However, the hepatitis virus can mutate to avoid the immune system. Doctors still looking for an effective treatment of hepatitis C. The most recent discovery of a treatment for hepatitis C is a genetically engineered drug to be comnined with another drug called ribavirin.

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