Herbalife a Brief History Vision

Herbalife a Brief History Vision Reviews

Dates of Herbalife history dates back to 1980 when it was founded by the late Mark Hughes, who was a businessman and founder and CEO of American Herbalife. As said by him:

"Introducing balanced diet to millions of people around the world is a dream come true for me"

He died in 2000, but the company he founded and maintained the mission began to change millions of people's lives, helping in weight management, skin treatments and overcome health problems.

Herbalife also offers business opportunity people to sell Herbalife skin care products and weight management worldwide.

One step after another, the Herbalife story is decorated with stories of achievements and successes. Since its inception to date, the company is expanding and reaching more people.

It is a fact that people around the world face all kinds of problems, such as health disorders due to various diseases, skin problems caused infections and pollution, more thoughtful, which spreads continents very quickly and is considered as one of the greatest man would have problems in the future and also financial problems faced by much of the world population.

Herbalife began its distribution in 1980 in Los Angeles, California, USA. With each passing year in Herbalife history, more and more countries have started using Herbalife products.

Now this year, in 2012, with the inclusion of Slovenia and Uruguay in the list, Herbalife now provides your skin care, weight management and nutrition products to over 84 countries worldwide.
The business model followed by Herbalife is a multi-level marketing. Other milestones in the history of Herbalife are the awards that the company has been awarded.

In 2011, Herbalife was awarded the "Best Brand Consumer" award in Korea.

Before that, the price of CEMEFI in 2010 at Mexico 2010 awarded by Apple, Seoul Social Welfare Contributor of the Year in 2010, 2010 Community and Social Service Award liability company and 2009 Supply Chain Distinction Awards are all bright emblems Herbalife is proud is.

Herbalife has provided business opportunities to more than 2.3 million independent distributors worldwide in 75 countries.

Currently, Herbalife supports the Herbalife Family Foundation and its Casa program to provide disadvantaged children with proper nutrition.

Herbalife also sponsors world-class athletes and sports personalities in over 15 sports. Seeing the great history of Herbalife, there is a second opinion by predicting that Herbalife has a bright future ahead.

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