Hernia Protrusion

When an organ or a tissue in an abnormal protrusion of the body cavity is called a hernia. The most common hernias develop adbdomen away. In this case, a weakeness wall ABDOMINAL turns into a central hole, through which an organ or tissue will protrude.

Hernia are often compared to tire failure, where a division of the sidewall allows the inner tube to protrude outwardly through. In this example, the inner tube of the tire as the body breaks through the opening in the side wall. It is this pressure outwards, and the retention limit within which allows the projection to expand.

Besides the hernia can develop in several other adbomen:

Internal hernia - hernia or involving intra-abdominal structures
Spiegel hernia - hernia through the lunate
Sliding hernia - a hernia sac is partially formed by the wall of a viscus
Hernia of Littre - erticulum hernia involving a Meckel
Obturator hernia - hernia through the obturator canal
Lumbar hernia / A hernia Petit - hernia through Petit triangle
Grynfeltt a hernia - hernia Grynfeltt-Lesshaft triangle

Although the hernia are often a result of a hereditary nature, there are several different things you can do to prevent them from happening.

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