How Thai Food Cuisine

Thai food is tasty and fragrant. To master this style of cooking, you will need to learn about the balance of salty, spicy, sweet and sour.

Thai food has fresh spices, herbs and nothing too heavy. The kitchen offers a light taste, clean, and very fresh, which is why it is so unique and popular. Most Thai recipes are simple to prepare and just call for a wok, a handful of fresh herbs and a little meat, fish or vegetables. Always use fresh ingredients and cut your meat so thin that it absorbs a lot of flavor.

Look at Curries
There are four basic sauces in the kitchen and they are green, red, panang and massaman. You can make your own curry pastes using a flavorless oil with spices. Mix the paste in a food processor and freeze or refrigerate.

Thai curries are usually served with jasmine rice. Cook three tablespoons of your favorite curry paste in a hot wok with the thick part of a little coconut milk, then dilute the sauce with thin coconut milk. Coconut milk is widely used in southern Thailand, as the liquid in curry recipes and you can store it on the shelf or in the refrigerator. If you refrigerate the milk separates. You can use the thickest part of your fry curry paste in a wok and nasal part to dilute the sauce later.
You will need a wok to cook successfully because the Thai vegetables and other ingredients must be cooked at very high temperatures very fast. You must first heat the wok and wait until it smokes, then add oil.

Key Thai ingredients
One of the most distinct tastes in the kitchen should be the lemongrass. This fresh-tasting plant can be chopped coarsely to add flavor to fish or chicken or stir-fry thin slices. Cut the end of the stem and peel three layers before cutting. kaffir lime leaves has a similar feel to the leather and they will brighten your recipes. The birds eye chilies are small, but do not let its small size fool you, because they are very spicy! Never use ginger instead because both plants have different flavors. Thai basil has no Italian basil taste - has more taste like anise.
Try to buy good quality fish sauce that was done in Thailand.

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