How to Add Google Maps to Your Real Estate Website

Google Maps have been around for a while now, but they are not yet very many real estate agents who use their personal real estate site or farm. If you focus on a neighborhood or subdivision, you can quickly and easily use Google Maps to create a useful resource, a place that you can provide for your farm or used to attract buyers interested in the region. , Information for precise localization of a human being, whether in the form of Google maps, individual property sites or hyper-local sites is one of the best benefits we offer as real estate agents, and is one of the most difficult areas to domestic conglomerates and major search engines to invade.

It's easy to start using Google Maps.
1. To begin, log in or create a Google account, Google "Google Maps" and click on the first result to go to your section of the map.

2. Then click on "Create new map" in the upper left corner, and begin to fall, the points of interest. After placing a point, you can add details, you can put links to things like your MLS, individual property sites, etc.

3. Once you have created your map, you can embed on your site or link to it by clicking on "Link" at the top right and cut and paste the code they provide. You can also add the same Google map to your websites of individual property for maximum exposure.

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