How To Deal With Jet Lag When Crossing Time Zones

Jet lag is inevitable when going from the east / west direction, but can be reduced.

From north to south usually involves a temperature change, but when you cross the lines of longitude and therefore, time zones, even with an hour of your time zone can give you the time difference. And it can interfere with your schedule to travel for business or family vacation.
Jet lag, or any kind of lack of sleep, can be dangerous. Advanced car accidents in North America during the week after the clocks are set to save time around the first week of November, daylight because people body of the clocks, also known as the rhythm circadian are confused.

Among the people more prone to jet lag are the drivers of Formula 1 and IndyCar racing car who travel the world every two weeks during the schedule of the racing season, often going as far as the Europe and Australia and South America and the East. Jet lag and lack of sleep for people who risk their lives driving too fast for a lifetime have been the subject of numerous studies. The Institute of Human Performance, Daytona, Florida, was deeply involved in the research and study of jet lag, particularly its effect on people like race car drivers.

Trips that span multiple time zones are another story. From North America to Europe, for example, gives you the time difference, but it depends on the flights you take and the ability of your body to sleep on an airplane how you suffer jet lag. And, by the way, east is always harder your circadian rhythm from the opposite direction! night flights from cities such as Toronto or Chicago in the early evening and land in Paris or London at the beginning of work the next morning and for those who sleep during the flight and are able to fall asleep quickly shortly after takeoff. How to cheat time difference, or at least minimize their impact? Because the circadian rhythm of the body is given not only to their sleep patterns, but the times of day you eat, you can start to blend into your new time zone before taking the flight.

For example, if you live in New York and go to London, England for a week, and will be a time of change in six hours (Britain is ahead of the United States), start about two weeks ( gold ie rule) before your departure date and start, if possible, to merge the time zone of England, for about 15 minutes a day. The next day, add another 15 minutes and so on until you are either right at the new time zone, or at about the time your flight takes off. Every little bit helps.

And a little advice. Do not use alcohol to make you sleepy or drinking beverages with excessive caffeine to keep you awake; they can mess with your circadian rhythm more severely than the time difference itself, and there is little worse than thinking you've settled on a great sleep and be awake in the night with a kick of caffeine or of sugar rush, and then you can 't go back to sleep. When the power voltage nap in the afternoon, when your circadian rhythm is out of tune should not be sleeping enough to disrupt your biological clock.

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