How to Fix Switches Light Timer

Timers are a great way to save energy. These meters tend to control the operation of various electrical appliances such as lights, fans or other electronic devices. You can sometimes feel difficult to understand the functions and the timer operations, but the guides are there to guide you and it can be easy for you once you go through these manual guides.

Required elements

- Light Timer
- The wall outlet
- Light or other electronic device


Conventional timers

1. Directly connecting the manual timer into the wall socket. Usually a switch operates the output.

2. No digital timers usually have a large display that shows the time. Set the current time by turning the dial. Note that different manufacturers may have different procedure for the timing adjustment.

3. After setting the current time, set your preferred time for the lights to turn on. The location of a colored plastic key on the slot, which is used to define the preferred time.

4. Set the same time for the lights to turn off. A key color plastic is used in the slot to set the time for lights out. Set the time you prefer the timer. Sometimes more than one keys are there to set different times for the lights to turn on and off in time in the same day.

5. Turn on the light to the timer and turn on the light. If the timer works properly, the light does not turn on. This ensures that the timer will now control the switching on and off the light and allow the light to turn on or off at the scheduled time.

Digital watches

1. Digital timers are simpler, easier and more flexible than conventional timers. It is suggested to carefully read the instructions in the manual before digital timer. digital watches have special features to schedule weekly.

2. Open the menu and define exactly the time you want to turn your lights. With digital timer you can set a separate exact time of the manual timer.

3. Many digital timers are intended to set a timetable. If the timer has set the schedule of your lights.

4. At the end of the connection time to turn on and turn it on.

- Timers are very useful in many ways. - A timer with three-prong outlet is the best option to prevent damage to your timer when using powerful lamps. Timer with three-prong plug is quite difficult and can offer more watts.

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