If You are New to Thai Food, You must Start with these 5 Simple Dishes

The main features for dishes vary according to the chef, but all those who think they can cook Thai food should include ways to make these types of standard 5 foods.

Fry chicken (or beef)
Usually, stir fried food is light but spicy. Sometimes people add rice or fried rice, even simple, if you do not want additional flavors introduced. If you are vegetarian, you can also incorporate tofu into your stir-fry. It allows you to still eat the dish without meat.

Fried rice
Thai food is really adaptable, in fact, most Thai dishes can be eaten with rice or without rice. You have the additional option to have only fried rice. The particular type of rice included in a number of food will you eat.

Spring Rolls - Fried
Do not confuse the spring rolls with egg rolls. The spring rolls are revised downward and include a mixture of vegetables.

Pad Thai
Probably the most authentic Thai cuisine is known around the world is Pad Thai. It is one of the dishes that help Thai cuisine become more common worldwide. The main ingredient is fried noodles, but after that, the ingredients and the distinctions are enormous. Many people understand different types of meat - seafood, meat and chicken are the common varieties. Vegetarians also played with including Tofu in the dish.

Seafood soup
Using the soup coconut cream is the main thing that makes it completely different from most other types of soup. The adaptation of this soup containing chicken is called Tom Kha and is so tasty. Again, the difference between the soups chicken soup and most standard is coconut milk. Almost all Thai dishes taste a little different depending on the particular tastes of each individual dinner preparation. Like most dishes, Thai dishes all have the same basic elements, but there will probably be wild variations with additional items.

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