Immune System Supplements

More and more people are taking health supplements worldwide. Recent research in Canada indicated that some of the most commonly used supplements are the immune system. Those people who believe that they have a healthy immune system are not too concerned about these viruses. People who have a healthy immune system are less likely to be infected with these viruses and are less likely to suffer complications if they get a bug.

Natural products that support the function of the immune system health are very popular and rightly so. Many of these supplements immune system was the subject of a scientific study. herbs and botanicals may present less risk of side effects than do vaccines and antiviral drugs. In a controlled study, those who received immune system supplements lost less work and infections often less developed than those who received placebo. The basis of the study of modern immune system supplements traditional medicine and indigenous or folk remedies. Plants historically used to treat the flu, colds and other viral infections have been studied for their action in a healthy immune system. Andrographis (AP) is an ancient medicinal plant and is an ingredient in some of the immune system supplements. Scientific studies have shown that the AP not only supports a healthy immune system, but it can help those who have a healthy immune system "not" by interfering with the ability "of the virus to play. Some immune system supplements are usually recommended suspected of be toxic to the liver when taken extended periods of time AP studies. for long-term use to support a healthy immune system revealed no adverse side effects, but herbalists warn that it should not be used by pregnant women or those who want to become pregnant.

Extract from olive leaves The is another ingredient in supplements and immune system has also been demonstrated in scientific studies that have anti-viral properties. Many studies on the benefits of green tea indicate it may help support a healthy immune system. It is important to remember that nutrition plays an important role in the functioning of a healthy immune system and healthy function of all body systems. Because food is so important, some supplements immune contain essential vitamins such as C and essential minerals such as magnesium, manganese and zinc. Most research on herbal supplements immune system indicate that plant foods contain essential elements for cells that fight viruses. The beta-glucan found in the cell walls of algae, oats, barley, yeast, plant is a member which appears to be essential for the function of a healthy immune system. One of the best complement immune system contains beta-glucans, all herbs, vitamins, minerals and plant mentioned above and a number of other extracts that have all the scientific studies and clinical evidence to support its use as complement immune system.

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