Installing a Timer Wound Spring to Your Home

If you are someone who constantly forgets to turn off lights or fans in your home, installing a timer spring wound will close for you - quickly and consistently. A timer automatically turns coiled spring lights, fans and other energy-using equipment within a predetermined time.

What is a spring wound timer?

A timer spring wound is a device that is designed to replace a wall switch. It is set to automatically turn off lights or fans after an elapsed time from 5 minutes to 60 minutes. While many of these wall timers are designed to work only with lights, some of the most flexible models are made to work with ceiling fans, bathroom fans, heaters, and many others. A timer coiled spring only takes a few minutes to install and, depending on its type, it is generally compatible with fluorescent lighting and other loads that consume energy at home.

If you install one in your home?

Not everyone has a need for a wall timer spring, but installing one in your home has many amenities and benefits. A wall timer does not work like any other ordinary switch; Mechanically it off lights and fans after a period of time. This reduces your energy consumption and keep their spending under control energy. These wall timers, however, have different periods as short as 5 minutes to as long as 60 minutes. Although you replace your standard wall switches with this timer, the installation is usually simple and painless. You will find many simple button design wall timers that do not require a statement from the company on an existing wall switch for installation. In no time you will have your spring wound timer work for you and keep your energy costs to a minimum.

Some models on the market, the Coleman Spring wounds cable timer 60 min, are designed to be more versatile, making it an excellent choice for both plates of the ordinary switch and decorator.

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