Koh Phangan Thailand

Sitting in a boat three hours from the mainland, Koh Phangan is the last virgin island of any size left in Thailand. Unlike her sister Koh Samui in many ways. Where Koh Samui is brash and built, Koh Phangan is casual with a landscape. Large property developers have yet to start exploring this tropical paradise, more development is limited to discrete bungalow resorts.

Koh Phangan is still a popular destination for backpackers and budget travelers, famous for its Full Moon Party young travelers see the island as one of the highlights of your trip to Thailand. The festival takes place at the southern end of the island, in the town of Haad Rin, a hedonistic party town consisting of side streets full of bars, restaurants and gift shops, bungalow resorts for all budgets and, especially the beach Haad Rin Nok impressive. Moving north of Haad Rin that the next encounter Ban Tai, home to two major events Half Moon Festival and the Festival of Shiva Moon have both. Ban Tai is also where you will find the "horny mile ', a stretch of road almost a mile long which is filled with lady bars on each side. These bars are much more relaxed than their counterparts in either Bangkok or Pattaya and appear to be a solid favorite with middle-aged tourists arriving on Koh Phangan.

Further north you come to Thongsala, the only real town on the island, a vibrant mix of Thai shops, bars and western restaurants, as well as traditional food markets at every turn. The night market square becomes an outdoor restaurant served by a score of vendors set up tables and the street doing their job. Thongsala also houses the main boarding pier for the island and is a natural gateway to the continent.

The villages of Wok Tum and Hing Kong are particularly lazy; Both wonderful places for someone looking for a long-term stay on the island.

Further up the coast road, you will find Haad Yao and Haad Salad, both great dive sites with a close on the reef with easy access for beach dives, further north you will find Mae Haad and the small island of Koh Ma sitting an easy ride through Koh Phangan sea. This is the premier dive spot on websites that offer island usually assisted by divers.

If on the northern tip of Koh Phangan you'll find Chaloklam, a fishing village with a beautiful beach squid crescent. Along the west side of the island you will find Tong Nai Pan, originally a backpacker isolated site in the community now of the greatest developments in Koh Phangan. luxury resorts welcome sun worshipers who agree that West Beach is the most beautiful of the island.

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