Last Updated Google Maps

Google Maps is an application that is used by millions of users worldwide and are a preferred application map used by smartphone users. Google recently unveiled updated maps applications used in smartphones and Android tablets. According to Google, the updates are only Android apps and updates for iOS apps will launch on time. The latest update of Google Maps is a continuation of design changes observed in the iPhone update December 2012. The update of the application ended with 'Latitude' application. The update application of the card was packed with changes in My Maps and changes offline. These updates have been made much more active cards now give users information about problems down the road. A new application "explore" added the update will help users find and explore new places without typing. The user can simply press the search engine, which displays a list of cards. This update provides the application with additional features, which greatly increased the navigation aspects of the cards. Users can now check existing traffic conditions and find routes that will help them avoid traffic. This will help people to avoid getting stuck in traffic and can help to save time.

The latest update of Google has integrated Google Maps with offers from Google and Zagat ratings. This provides users with information on the various offers national brand on the map. This can greatly help the user to identify stores that offer discounts and promotions nearby and will be beneficial to the user and the company. This latest update to the Google Maps application has a new look. Google Maps has been the favorite of all card applications available for smartphones and tablets. This update will enhance Google Maps reputation and its rivals will have more space to fill.

Google acquired Waze, a crowd-sourced application mapping. This would mean that we could expect more updates on Google Maps, where some of Waze features will be integrated into Google map app. We'll have to wait and see what comes with Google in its next update of the Google map application.

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