Make Your Google Earth Ink Blotch New Test!

Most people have heard of Rorschach test ink Blotch, or have you seen the test, even though most of us can spell most of the time. In all cases, it is a nice psychological experience to say the least, and best of all, you can do it anywhere, just pour a little ink on a paper and take a very good look as your mind tries to make sense of how to use your memory and the ability of your brain to fill in the blanks, through a process known as the pause frame. the spirit of everyone seems to work this way, but some people can see things that others do not have and pretty soon too.

Now let's say you're like me and you found out how expensive printer ink cartridge is these days, or less if you buy it retail, because there is a huge profit margin that you probably learned the hard way. So if you want to have the same kind of test you can do all day through research worldwide and globe. All you have to do is go to Google Earth, click on the satellite and climb function development and the sidebar, you will get a closer shot of the landscape.

Once you see the earth and the earth from afar, as if it were a God above the earth, you begin to see things, shapes, designs, most are random, but like watching clouds, you can see the resources that are familiar, and they trigger memories that your mind tries to make sense of it all. You can see the faces, figures, shapes of animals, it is difficult to say what your mind can see how it will be different for each of us. If you were to turn on its side, it may seem something completely different.

Some people do this by looking at the ceiling tiles, plaster on the walls or slabs. Have you ever seen pictures of Mars, and people swear that there is no face shape, or anything else. The shadows and the particular angle when looking for a specific direction are a little convincing, but you zoom out, zoom or watch from a different direction you can not see how you think once he saw. You can do this in Google Earth all day. In fact, it's pretty fun to do, trying to find ways, faces and what the heck, you is that you learn a little geography as you go, it is also educational.

Just think of all the ink you'll save doing it this way instead of the old way of age before the invention of the Internet, and the test of Rorschach Ink Blotch to a whole new level requires from space or from above, as if you were flying over the earth seeking to solve the mysteries.

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