Mono The Beatles CD Albums

19 Mono Beatles albums

With the release of the Beatles in Mono box set September 9, 2009, there are now a total of 19 Beatles albums (10 of British origin, and American versions 8 cut-up, and build Mono Masters of non-album tracks mixed mono) available in mono, but none are available for individual purchase, as part of these cabinets.

Only three albums in stereo

The only three Beatles albums that are not available in mono are now Abbey Road, Let It Be, and Yellow Submarine. In 1969 mono had been completely eliminated in favor of stereo mixes.

American albums in Mono

Capitol Albums Vol. 1 comprises the first four albums in stereo and mono Americanized. Meet the Beatles, The Beatles second album, something new and Beatles '65 are included.

Capitol Albums Vol. 2 starts where the first set of leaves off with your next (and last) four albums Americanized in stereo and mono. Beatles first Beatles VI, Help! (Version Band USA) and Rubber Soul (US version) are included.

British albums in mono

While American versions may be of interest to collectors and for people who want to hear their first albums in the historical context (the American public first heard in '64 and '65), it should be clear that the group never approved these cut-up versions of your albums.

British was their original albums they considered the versions "real" and are considered official albums today. The Beatles in Mono box set includes Please Please Me, With The Beatles, A Hard Day Night, Beatles For Sale, Help!, Rubber Soul, Revolver, Sgt. Pepper, Magical Mystery Tour, White Album & Single. It also includes two disc set Mono Masters compilation that includes all of its non-album tracks mixed to mono.

Magical Mystery Tour

This is kind of a strange situation in the Beatles' discography that this album was originally released as an EP in the UK and it is actually the version LP "Americanized" which became the official version.

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