Netherlands Antilles Houses

Today these islands (including Curacao, Aruba and Bonaire) are collectively known as the Netherlands Antilles. They are still tropical, beautiful and winds that blow through them still filled with aromatic scents of spices. If you have been seeking international listings trying to find a piece of paradise to buy your own, then they might well be the destination for you.

Still a territory of the Netherlands, at least until October this year, these islands form one country. After October 10, they will always be part of the Netherlands, but each island has its own constitutional status. Despite political changes, these sunny islands maintain its unique kind of split personality. Friendly people and sun soaked beaches and traditional markets offer a Caribbean experience, but with a bit of European style.

Listings in the Netherlands Antilles can vary from pure cottage or condo in a more densely populated area of ​​a large property with a private beach of white sand. Coral reefs around the coast, with navigable openings for commercial transport and private pleasure. Some of the most valuable Netherlands Antilles is in the form of ports or mooring slips. After being filled for so long, you're bound to find some old houses built in traditional Caribbean style, with plans and lots of windows and doors open floor to let in the breeze. If you buy Netherlands Antilles for a home or investment property, the temperate climate and lush tropical beauty of the islands make it an ideal place for a nursing home or an elegant resort.

Unlike many European countries in the Caribbean Basin, the islands have their own currency. exchange rate Netherlands Antillean Guilder, with the US dollar is about 1.79 and it means that investors in USD may find bargain real estate ads in the Netherlands Antilles is to shop around.

Of course, the downside housing long island is that most first Netherlands Antilles real estate was performed at least once. You will find all the beauty, charm and history of one of the chains of the oldest inhabited islands of the Caribbean, and perhaps a company in the process.

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