Nikola Tesla Generator Truth or Fiction?

If there's one thing the Internet has fostered is a lot of scams out there; It is one of the oldest Tesla generator system. The idea is that Tesla invented a way to collect free energy and power companies have been keeping this device can produce a secret order to continue to make money.

Tesla was an inventor and electrical engineer in the late 1800s and 1900. As an inventor, he helped develop more than what has become the modern electrical systems. If not for Tesla modern electrical network used by most of us, it would not have been invented. The problem was that Tesla was also a little outside of the beliefs of most time scientific systems. That is why it is associated with things like the Tesla generator system and other hoaxes floating around the Internet.

There has been a longstanding belief that you can earn free energy flowing around the universe.

Be able to generate our own power would put power companies out of business, and each time there are large entities make money as electricity companies in the world, there will be people who want to believe that fraud Tesla generator system. While the truth is that there is energy to free flow of the universe around us every day, it is not enough to actually power anything that requires electricity. On his best day many free energy generators there is losing energy faster than create. The first sign that the Tesla generator speed is just a fraud is that if someone really had such plans, they should be donated to humanity as a way to improve the world, or the most scenario likely, sell them to the highest bidder and retire.

The problem with the Tesla generator system is that the only people who make money are those who are willing to deal with those who are very naive or very paranoid of any conspiracy theory that comes.

The real victims of things like the Tesla generator system are the people who fork over hard-earned money for a piece of paper with the plans for something scientific research. Now there is a conspiracy, this group of unscrupulous people who steal the money of hope.

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