Nikola Tesla Genius Forgotten

Nikola Tesla, mad scientist genius or forgotten? Born in Croatia in 1800 to Serbian immigrant parents, Tesla has directly influenced our modern world in ways that affect our daily lives. Unfortunately Tesla also had the reputation of a mad scientist because of erratic behavior and exaggerated advertisements.

After immigrating to the United States, Tesla gained a position to work with and watch Thomas Edison.
However, it did not take long before the rivalry emerged between Tesla and Edison, as the work of Tesla on the sector compete directly with the work of Edison current live. After a public battle between Tesla and Edison, Tesla won the race to build its first big dream - harnessing the power of Niagara Falls to produce energy. In 1897, Tesla and AC became a house hold name.

Free energy
Tesla was obsessed with the idea of ​​providing the world with free energy and went to work to improve the production of electric energy without using fuel, solar or wind energy. He pulled the power on "empty." It would also demonstrate without power transmission wire.

Using the "Shoeman cavity", an upper region of 60 kilometers between the Earth and the bottom of the ionosphere and accused of megawatts of electricity from the lightning over the world, Tesla demonstrated the transmission of electricity on many kilometers. He lit fluorescent lamps, taking the field he had created. Tesla also demonstrated the transmission of electricity through the energy waves that pass through the earth lamps 25 kilometers from his laboratory.

It was at that time Tesla was presented to the famous banker and financier JP Morgan. Tesla Morgan convinced he could build a transmission system in the world that would make millions. Morgan quickly invested and Tesla began the project Wardenclyff Tour.

The Wardenclyff Tower project
Initially Wardenclyff was broadcasting; however convinced Tesla JP Morgan that he could pull down the ionosphere's power, which enables the transmission of electricity through the wireless world - free energy for everyone. This time, Marconi announced that it had successfully completed a radio broadcast on the trans ocean. Seeing that there was no way to make money from a free energy device and fearing Marconi would monopolize the radio away from Morgan Tesla. Ironically, 40 years later, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that Marconi copied his already owned by Tesla patent technology, and was Tesla who discovered radio show, not Marconi.
Tesla was himself that sank it.

Death ray
In July 1934 Tesla announced his death ray. Tesla gun death ray was a beam of particles, electrostatic acceleration of small particles. Extremely small (accelerated microprojectiles) at extremely high speeds with high voltage. The speed or the speed to use is so high that very small particles can cause considerable damage. This sounds a bit like Ronald Ragen project Star Wars (SDI - Strategic Defense Initiative) 1980.

Tesla said that 12 these weapons strategically placed around the United States, his "Teleforce" could be used to keep the United States safe from any enemy. With the world on the brink of World War 2, the government American has taken an active part in Tesla and his death ray.

The US government has carried out work and the development of Tesla particle beam technology in the 1940s and quickly fell off the radar so to speak.

The New York Times the same period stated that "Death Ray Tesla could send a focused beam of particles in the air and cause armies million fall in their tracks" and "is the most important inventions of Tesla." However, in an unprecedented decision, Tesla made it impossible for a government to explore its technology. Tesla's plan was that each government should sit down and work together if they wanted to realize his invention.

What happened to Tesla particle beam weapons? Tesla is all around us in this modern world. Every time you turn on the light, use your cell phone or microwave your dinner reminded of Nikola Tesla.

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