Offers Diesel Vehicles Ready to Expand

Diesel vehicles have never been popular in the United States, despite previous attempts to promote this technology by major manufacturers. Many drivers cited other problems, including blown head gaskets, misshapen heads and bad fuel injectors. The highly publicized class action against GM closed the company's diesel program and made thousands of GM replace diesel engines with petrol engines. Despite the above problems, many automakers are ready to offer diesel engines that technical changes more reliable diesel made and environmentally friendly. Let's take a look at the diesel engines that power the current and future vehicles that cross roads of America.

Diesel Mercedes - With five diesel models offered, Mercedes leading the way. His 24-valve power 3.2l inline-6 ​​diesel engine E320, resulting in fuel savings of up to 30% and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Dodge Trucks - Cummins turbodiesel produces Dodge Ram trucks for years. Jeep Liberty - Use of technology Mercedes, Jeep Liberty diesel models with common rail helps develop a torque of 45% and beating fuel consumption by about a third. Diesel freedom has been a strong seller for the Jeep brand.

Volkswagen - Citing "diesel" and failing "Volkswagen" would be a farce. In fact, the German automaker is one of the largest diesel engine producer in the world. For the American market a motor powers 1.9L four-cylinder diesel car while a staggering ten cylinders can be found in the SUV Touareg luxury automaker.

Honda - New to the game, Honda promises that the diesel versions of several of its cars will be available in 2009. With its hybrid accent, Honda diesel pushes to strengthen its image already well-deserved "green".

BMW, Range Rover, Ford, GM and Chrysler offer all diesel, although the first two are sold only in Europe. Ford Navistar fights for its large diesel engines, while GM Duramax uses, a joint venture between himself and Isuzu.

Smaller diesel still have to understand, but everything can change. Speaking of small diesel engines, lighter built to American cars have circulated for years with joint ventures involving Isuzu, Honda, Mercedes and VW mentioned as possibilities.

Diesel demand increasing as fuel prices continue to rise.

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