Product Support the Immune System

There are many products that support the immune system on the market. Most clinical and laboratory studies on medicinal plants and natural botanicals support the immune system are made in countries other than the United States. In the US, research and study of immune system disorders generally ignores the idea that natural products can be effective treatments. Some colleges and universities do not conduct research involving products support the immune system, but most research in America is conducted by pharmaceutical companies can not patent natural substances and are therefore indifferent to them. So while we have evidence that supports the use of products support the immune system, both for the treatment and prevention of viral and bacterial infections and for the treatment of immune system disorders, it is sometimes discredited because he was kidnapped USA.

Immune system support products may contain beta-glucans. Found in the cell walls of yeast, oats, barley, mushrooms and other edible plants, beta-glucans have been hundreds of scientific studies and were even shown and even to increase the activity and production of T cells in the immune system disorders studies wherein the production and the activity of T cells has been damaged or is limited, there was a noticeable increase in the performance of T cells after supplementation beta-glucans. immune system support products may contain herbs and plants used in traditional medicine to treat colds, flu, viral and bacterial infections. Andrographis paniculata (AP) is one of these herbs. There are many studies on the use of AP for those suffering from immune system disorders. Viruses can not reproduce without invading other cells. Those who suffer from disorders of the immune system that play a factor virus (HIV, AIDS) showed improvement after supplementation with AP. Again, it is not clearly understood works as AP, but scientific research has concluded that it is one of the most effective product support the immune system.

There is concern among some physicians that the use of products supporting the immune system may conflict with the use of prescription drugs. Those who suffer from immune system disorders should inform their doctor about products support the immune system, they can use. If a doctor is familiar with the ingredients in the product support the immune system, a medical herbalist or naturopathic medicine should be able to provide information on possible side effects related to the use of natural products for people with immune disorders.

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