Refine Your Search Subject Google Scholar

If you do not have access to library databases from home, you should definitely start your search using Google Scholar. Google Scholar to describe as simply a site that archives and organizes magazine articles online would be an understatement.

Google Scholar helps you not only to search for research articles terms (like any other database of the magazine), but gives you a lot of search features such as:

Related Articles link
Most every article listed in Google Scholar has a link "related articles". The link "Related Articles" thrives on items not mentioned in the article itself, and can provide a long list of articles of academic journals that you may not have thought to check-out. You can spend hours just clicking on links related to newspaper articles that interest you.

Cited by link
Another tool in Google Scholar is the "city by __" link. This clever link will give you a set of articles to ezines mentioning article that interests you.

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