Salad Beach on Koh Phangan in Thailand

Haad Salad, translated from Thai to English of Salad Beach is a beautiful beach on the northwest coast of Koh Phangan in the Gulf of Thailand. The perfect white sand beach is about two hundred meters long and
surrounded by green hills of the island. Fifty meters into the emerald green sea, you will find a vibrant coral reef which has become a very popular place for diving. There you can swim with tropical fish, blue spotted rays and even groupers. Salad Beach is known by locals as "Haadlad" and translates pirate beach. There are more than three decades, hackers have stopped going to the beach that landowners and local fishermen have built houses and shelters. Accommodation on the beach now offers a full range of small beach bungalows to luxury resorts and villas. Course the last decade, the range of salad really changed provide small beach huts only now offer something villas garden, even for a 5 star hotel. Fortunately, the local owners who opened the stations were careful to keep all buildings in good taste, the adoption of traditional Thai architecture with more contemporary styles and designs.

If you plan to relax your own private pool, snorkel with tropical fish or simply visit and taste the fresh fish restaurants so Salad Beach can meet all your wishes.

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