Season 3 of The Walking Dead Continues to Break Records

Who would have thought a show about the zombie Apocalypse would attract fans and fanatics worldwide, and continue to break records, not only for the AMC network, but for the industry. Now in its third season, the show featuring lead actor Rick Grimes, gaining more ground than the ratings continue to climb. During the first season of The Walking Dead, which aired six episodes, the average emission of 5.24 million viewers during its short season. The episode the most watched in a season was the season finale, "TS-19", which attracted about 5.97 million viewers. The second season of the series was 13 episodes that were more than double the season 1. in addition to having several episodes this time also had more people watching too. the second season averaged 6.91 million viewers and just like in the first season of your most watched episode was the final the season. There were about 9 million viewers who watched the end of the season, "in the dying fire." It was certainly an improvement over the first season, but the season 3 notes is that gain attention.

Season 3 of The Walking Dead has now increased to 16 episodes, which is more than the first and second seasons. The third season of the series turns out to be a huge success for AMC and demonstrates that the story about another zombie Apocalypse can break records and compete with the big chains. The first 8 episodes aired to date, and the numbers are staggering. During the first half of season 3 of the series averaging 10.09 million viewers that easily exceeds that of the first two seasons. There are more and more people not only talk season 3 of The Walking Dead, but the show in general. The second half of the season is preparing to recover in February this year and we had time to AMC and for the show to break even more records hearing. On February 10 episode, "The Suicide King" begins where the adventure stopped after the final mid-season.

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