Set Diesel Generators

There is a lot of prejudice against diesel generators. For starters, it is well known that in industrial environments, diesel engines are more favored. In terms of reliability, cost and efficiency, diesel engines have proven to be very worthy. Compared to other fuels, diesel emerges as a winner - is more reliable, cheaper and more efficient. One of the major technical problems when it comes to diesel generators is their internal combustion engine. It is generally accepted that most of the fuel energy is generally converted into heat rather than useful energy. Ergo, more energy is converted into useful energy. And the energy required for cooling is considerably reduced.

Another reason for the effectiveness of the diesel engine is compression ratio. The rule is that the efficiency of a motor is directly proportional to compression ratio. Thus, the higher the compression ratio, the higher the efficiency. In the case of diesel engines, the compression ratio ranges from 14: 1 to 25: 1, while the motors are running compression ratio on the beaches of gasoline from 8: 1 to 12: 1.

The resulting efficiency of the internal combustion engine and the compression ratio directly translates to reduced fuel costs. In fact, the cost of fuel for diesel engines ranges from about thirty percent to fifty percent less than the cost of fuel for engines that run on gasoline.
Another advantage of diesel generators is low maintenance. This also leads to a longer life for diesel engines instead of gasoline engines. The main reason is that the candles are not presented in diesel engines. Thus, regular replacement thereof is unnecessary. Another reason is the low temperature characteristic of diesel engines, which has already been discussed above.

To complete the picture of an advantageous use of diesel generators, it is necessary to expose a common misconception - that engines running on diesel in this case, the generators are noisy and smelly. Technological advances have ensured that engines running on diesel are relatively calm. improved insulation materials and the use of silencers represent the low noise of the diesel engine running level.

It is only when you have overcome your prejudice against diesel generators that we will be able to see and enjoy all the advantages offered by the generators that run on diesel.

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