Simple Mistakes to Avoid in Google Maps NO

Google maps SEO is an art form that differs in several key aspects of the most common approaches to web optimization. These differences make it easy even for web-marketers who do not fully understand to make mistakes and those mistakes can leave you much lower in the rankings you want to be. If you do not use your mapping entries as an opportunity for optimization, then you have no control over how many people see what your business has to offer. If you do not even need a card input, your business is invisible to those who specifically want to find suppliers in your area who are near them. No separate survey keyword. Google uses keywords as part of their research for the cards. It also allows you to select relevant keywords to describe your business. If you do not give proper thought your keywords, then you lose a valuable opportunity. Research them fully, and look separately to your main site. Too many keywords. Google hates to be spam, so always has the opposite effect to that intended, reducing their total score. No picture. The images may not have as much weight as they should in the normal search, but they have an important role in the map search.
Do not use directories. For typical searches, an entry in a business directory really does not mean much. For a study of the map focused on site, however, it is a great way for Google to reinforce the idea that the two of you are in the right area and the right field. Find local directories and make sure that your business is in them. While waiting to be evaluated. Not least because people on damage your business can put bad reviews in the same period. Encourage customers to evaluate what you offer, especially if they are happy.

As you can see, it's easy to do the wrong thing with the Google SEO cards. However, if you know what you're doing, it can also be a very important tool to improve your business traffic. It is essential that you use if you want to attract the type of local customers in many companies develop.

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