Strengthening the Immune System Response to the Aging Process

The aging process increases the need to strengthen the immune system. Aging is not synonymous with disease. However, aging increases the risk of many diseases and disorders. Overall, the elderly have a increase in the frequency of chronic diseases, arteriosclerosis, infections, autoimmune diseases and cancer.

This increase may be due in part to the nature of these disorders. immune system
system protects against diseases. He seeks and destroys viruses, bacteria, fungi and cancer cells before can damage the body. He learns to differentiate between tissues "self" and "non-self particles." If you strengthening the immune system to improve your protection against these diseases.

Strengthen the immune system to respond to the aging change

Thymus, an organ of the immune system, is where certain cells of the immune system, T lymphocytes or Mature T cells. Some T cells directly kill foreign particles. Convert help coordinate other parts of the immune system that They are specialized to attack different types of infections.

Although the number of T cells does not decrease with age, the function of the T cell decreases. This causes a weakening parts of the immune system controlled by these T cells have the function of T cells which are reinforced strengthen immune system.

Strengthen the immune system to fight against the effects of aging changes

There is a slow, steady decrease in immunity after adulthood. When the body is exposed to bacteria or other microorganisms (for an actual exposure or vaccination) under protective antibodies can be formed or can be formed in a slow strokes rate.Flu or other vaccinations may be less effective, and protection may not last as long as expected.

Later in life, the immune system also seems to be less tolerant of the body's own cells. Sometimes an autoimmune disorder develops - normal tissue is mistaken for non-self tissue and immune cells attack certain organs or tissues.

The immune system becomes less able to detect malignant cells, and also the risk of cancer increases with age as a result.

The immune system becomes less also capable of detecting foreign particles, and the risk of infection is increased.

Other things also increase the risk of infections. Changes in sensation, changes in the operation, changes in the structure of the skin, and other "normal aging changes" increase the risk of injury in which bacteria can enter broken skin.
Sickness or

The surgery can further weaken the immune system, making the body more susceptible to subsequent infections. diabetes, which is also more frequent with age, can also lead to a decreased immunity.

If you strengthen the immune system will also reduce the risk of inflammation and slow wound healing. Inflammation is an immune response when the immune system thinks that there are problems, it sends more cells on the problem site which causes swelling, pain, redness, heat and irritation, which are characteristic of inflammation.
Many older people heal more slowly. How to strengthen the immune system

Just as routine immunizations are important to prevent the disease in children, a few routine immunizations are important as we age. Your doctor may recommend other immunizations, including Pneumovax (to prevent pneumonia or its complications) vaccine against influenza, vaccination of hepatitis, or other. Keep your body in good physical condition is important to strengthen the immune system. Perhaps obvious,
Here are the "must" strengthen the immune system:

Eating a well balanced diet
Stop smoking
Minimize the use of alcohol. Moderate alcohol consumption appears to have some health benefits, but excessive consumption can cause serious damage
Use safety measures to prevent falls and other injuries
Take healthy supplements specifically designed to strengthen the immune system

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